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Hi, my name is Eric. I own a moving business in Walnut Creek. If you're looking for somebody you can trust, give me a call. It would be my pleasure to assist you.
You can reach me at (925) 309-6130

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Shrink / Blanket Wrapping

We offer 4 Wardrobe boxes for your use, and Shrink-wrap is always free. All furniture will be blanket wrapped.

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Packing & Unpacking

We are very good at packing and unpacking if you choose to have us do it for you.

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Moving Trucks

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking. We are fully Licensed and Insured by the State of California.

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Secure Storage

If you need to store your belongings, we have a very secure storage facility at great prices.

We have been moving Walnut Creek residents for over 35 years, earning our customer's trust, and here a few reasons why.
You will never find any hidden fees with Movers4Less. We offer many extras for FREE, no charge time from our location, and No Credit Card Fees!. That's where the value of our service benefits our customers!

Also, we never use day labor. All employees are full time and experienced. When you book a move with us, we will guarantee the move date.
We have tons of experience moving customers in and out of Walnut Creek. The reason I am commenting on this is that Walnut Creek has some multi-floor condos and multi-story apartment buildings. It takes experience using elevators and other going down techniques. All our skills have been perfected over the years, basically from making lots of mistakes. We got it down now, though, nothing to worry about, lol.

I don't think it is a big deal where your moving company's location is. Except for the fact you can drive over in person if something doesn't go quite right and express your dissatisfaction. We guarantee all of our work. And it's important to us your feedback because it gives us a better perspective on our customers' interactions and improves their overall service.

Were still growing after 35 years of training, by our customers, of course, that's our secret to longevity, listening to our customers. We think we know it all, but the truth is our customers know what they want, and that's fine because we deliver.


"Excellent customer service. I got several quotes from different movers in Walnut Creek claiming to be a local company and was surprised to find out most of the companies weren't local.

I decided to use Eric thinking if anything went wrong, I would be able to contact him. I liked what I heard talking with Eric and working out a quote with him. I realized he was good at what he does.

My move went flawlessly, all the crew showed up on time, and nothing was damaged. The quote matched the original when I received the final bill. Outstanding experience and would use him again in the future."

- Tim T.

"I like their customer service. It was friendly, and patient helping me get an accurate quote. The quote was competitive with other quotes I received.

The moving crew showed up on time on the day of the move. They were eager to get started. I had most everything ready to go, and the items that weren't ready; they helped me with boxing up.

They made everything look effortless and coordinated. It gave me confidence in the level of experience the moving crew had. The atmosphere was calm, and the effort to keep the time down was appreciated."

- Pete S.

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