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We Offer Local Residential Moving and Packing services to all Contra Costa and Alameda County Cities.

Our residential movers in actionMoving from one home to another always adds some level of stress to your life. Our goal is to reduce that stress and at the same time make the move at the lowest possible cost to you. We have been successfully making moving as affordable, easy and stress free as possible for over 20 years.

This is why when you first call us you will be visited by a seasoned and experience professional mover who will be your Estimator. Our Estimators have a minimum of 20 years experience in the industry and in handling projects successfully. Having a person of this caliber at your service ensures that not only will all issues regarding organizing your belongings will be fully discussed, but that you also have the focused attention of someone who can lend you their experience with tips and tricks to make the packing easier and less expensive.

At the end of your visit, the Estimator will give you a full quote for your job. This quote will incorporate all of the options the Estimator discusses with you while evaluating your move. This way you can choose to do as much or as little as you want and leave the rest to us.

Once you have your quote you can rest assured that it is a quote that can be relied upon and is backed by our commitment to no surprise pricing and no hidden fees.

The following are a few questions that we are oftentimes asked about a residential services

These answers are general in nature and you are welcome to ask for clarification or any other questions you have at anytime. We are here to serve you and to make your project hassle and worry free. Never hesitate to talk to us about any concerns or special circumstances you want to discuss.

Q – If I get an estimate from you for moving my house will there be any hidden or unexpected charges?
A – The answer is no, never, not with our company. We are upfront with all of our charges and include everything into the quoted rate so that there are no surprises at the end of the move. This is an important fact about how we operate over our competition. We have a reputation to uphold that is founded upon customer satisfaction and we take pride in honesty and integrity with every quote and move.

insurance policy for customers furnitureQ – If something happens during the move is everything fully insured?
A – With every job we include free basic insurance. There are other options that you can choose, but most customers examine our reputation, professionalism, and experience and then opt for the free insurance which covers $0.60 per pound per item.

You may feel that your goods may be worth more than the basic coverage and we do offer additional insurance. Costs for additional insurance can vary and at times feel a little expensive, especially when purchasing it through a moving company. If you want additional insurance it is worthwhile to check with your homeowner's insurance carrier to see if you are already covered or if they have additional options. We always want every customer to make the best decision and we assure you that we are always very careful with your belongings and that we will care and protect your belongings to minimize any risk of potential damage.

Q – Do you have any type of guarantees for damaged furniture?
A – The most important part of this question is for us to reassure you that we do have a very experienced and well trained staff of careful movers. On the pre-move walk through and with your Estimator you have the opportunity to point out all pieces of furniture that have extra value to you or are particularly fragile.

What we will do with these pieces is first wrap them in blankets and then add shrink wrap, at no additional charge, around those blankets in order to make them very well protected and difficult to damage.

The most important part of this answer is for you to know that your movers are careful, considerate, and well trained to ensure the safety of your belongings. If you feel you want extra assurance, additional insurance is available and we will make certain you have access to any coverage that makes you feel comfortable.

Q – How much notice do you need if I decide to use your service?
A – During the summer months we need at least a week or two because the summer months are typically busy. During the off season or winter months we can do a move with just a few days notice. The best policy is for you to contact us as soon as you know you need to move so that we can make certain all accommodations are per-arranged and that we can help you identify ways to make the move easiest on you.

Q – What items don't you move?
A – We do not move items like gasoline, propane tank or flammables. We never want flammables in the moving truck because they create an obvious hazard for the rest of the items. We also recommend that you never move or pack liquids in the items to be moved. Especially liquids such as bleach or cleaning materials. Though it is tempting to pack these items, they do pose a risk to the rest of the items in the truck should any liquid, of any kind, leak out. Leaked liquids will damage other items in the truck and you do not any liquid touching your electronics, furniture, couches, or mattresses.

foam wrapping of a fragile itemQ – Can you pack the whole house? How do you handle more fragile items?
A – Yes, we can pack the whole house. We are very flexible with every move and will do as much or as little as you need done. In many cases packing a whole house can double the cost of the move and it is a decision for you to make, dependent upon how much your time is worth to you. Our employees are fully trained in packing and if you choose for us to pack, you can be confident in knowing that your items will be handled with care and packed by those with experience.

As for the fragile items we use tri-wall dish pack boxes and bubble wrap to make certain everything is fully wrapped and protected. These tri-wall dish packs are very strong and will not crush nor expose your items to any risk of damage.

Q – What about disconnecting appliances and should we remove the contents of the refrigerator?
A – We have the tools and experience to disconnect your appliances, but if you can disconnect your own appliances that will save moving time and money. If the moving crew is disconnecting appliances, they are not moving and therefore the overall time and cost of the move increases. In the end it is your choice and we are more than capable of disconnecting appliances should you want us to do so. The only type of connections we do not handle are gas connections. For these it is advisable to contact the gas company and have them handle the disconnection prior to the move day.

As for the refrigerator it is necessary to remove the contents. This is for two reasons, the first is because leaving the contents in the refrigerator makes it heavier and they are not made to be moved with the extra weight of being loaded. The second reason is because there is no way to protect the contents from damage during the job. For a local move, if you want to leave a few items in the freezer to keep them frozen, let your Estimator know and there may be a way to move it with those few items left in the freezer.

preparing and packing plantsQ – How do I prepare my plants for the move?
A – We recommend not watering the plants for at least 7 days before a move. This is because if you water them a few days before the we arrive, the plants have a tendency to leak water into the moving truck and cause damage to other items. It is best to give the plants time to dry out and if you want to save time, many customers will take them on their own in their own vehicles. As with any aspect of the move, the decision is yours. We are happy to take care of any plants you have.

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