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We are professional Piano Movers. From Digital's to Grand's including Acoustic's and Upright's, we have the equipment and experience to make certain that your Piano is moved safely and securely.

We do not mention strength and manpower and while we have plenty of it, moving a piano is about planning, experience, and equipment, not brute force.

Why Hire A Mover With Piano Expertise?

Moving a piano requires a specialist. Weighing between 400 and 2000 pounds, the piano is a lot of weight densely packed into a small area. Even a Concert Grand, as large as it is, is very heavy for its size. Given its weight the piano is actually a dangerous item to move, especially when going up or down stairs, steps, or even ramps into and out of moving trucks.

During a move, if anything becomes off balance an inexperienced mover can drop or let it fall onto themselves or others. Even if only onto a leg or foot, the damage can be considerable. Should imbalance occur and you are lucky enough not to have it drop on a body part, any inexperienced mover can easily through out their back as they try to quickly twist and shift their weight to restore balance to the piano.

It may sound extreme, but injuries are common when people attempt to move a piano on their own. It is never advisable because without proper training, experience, and equipment you are not prepared for the challenges that arise with every move.

What Precautions Do You Use?

Every piano is padded and wrapped prior to each move. This not only protects it from scratches or other damage, but also ensures that the movers are gripping a padded area and not putting pressure with their hands on delicate wooden edges.

Many piano's have wheels underneath or fragile legs. When we move a piano we take care not to put pressure on either. This is because even though wheels are made for moving the piano, typically most wheels are not reliable having been not used for years. Legs are very fragile and we make certain to never put any lateral pressure on them at any time. With Grand pianos we will remove the legs entirely, strap it to a special board and then strap that to a specially designed piano dolly.

Second to these basics, we walk the entire route the piano is to be moved, measuring every corner and doorway to ensure we have an exact plan for every inch of the move. This measuring and testing the route is best done with an experienced piano mover because even though a corner or door measures as large enough for the largest dimension of the piano, you also have to take into consider all of the other dimensions of the piano before assuming it will fit. Examining a route of movement is only effective when done by someone who has the experienced eye to foresee obstacles and difficult areas.

You can trust your piano to Movers4Less. We have moved countless pianos over the past two decades and we will make certain that every possible precaution is used for your move.

How will moving my piano impact its sound?

Moving a piano can affect its tuning, certainly if a Grand is transported on its side through doorways, it will need tuning. Beyond needing tuning, the sound should not be affected if it is moved professionally which minimizes sudden movement and is completed with the proper equipment mitigating the chance for damage.

Additional considerations for your piano with any move is the climate, acoustic, and environmental differences between locations. A piano can sound differently in different locations and its specific tuning can be affected by temperature, humidity, and a number of factors that will oftentimes be different in the new home. Therefore it is common to need a Piano to be tuned after moving, not simply from the affect of the movement itself, but also the impact of its new location.

Do you move Piano's into multi-floor destinations?

Yes. We have the equipment and experience to move your piano anywhere we can access with stairs or an elevator.

How Much Does it Cost to Move My Piano?

Moving a piano is generally a three man job at $175 per hour with a three hour minimum. That minimum typically covers moving any piano, even a Grand.

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