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The Moving Process Explained

diagram showing our work flow and processWhile a move can feel stressful and there is a lot of work to be handled, the process itself is simple and straightforward. Our goal is to take the burden of your move off your shoulders making it simple, easy, and worry free.

We invite you to contact us for a free quote. We would like to meet with you, discuss your needs, and to offer you a no hidden free price quote that gives you low cost access to experienced professional movers that you can count on to make your move stress free.

Step 1 - Get a Free Quote

Once you contact us we will meet with you in order to gather as much information about your move as possible. The size of your home or apartment, how much you are moving, how much of the move you want us to handle, as well as identifying any special accommodations or circumstances required for the move.

Using all of this gathered information we will be able to determine the amount of equipment, time, and manpower needed so that we can get you an accurate quote. For example, with a one or two bedroom apartment we would typically need a two man crew or if you are moving a large home we may need a four or five man crew. 

The specific needs are entirely dependent on a variety of factors and the choices you make with regard to our services. Are we packing the whole house or will it already be packed, are we moving a piano up five three flights of stairs, or are there a hundred plants to be moved in the backyard. All of this factor into the overall price which can be put together when one of our experienced movers meets with you to give you a free quote.

Step 2 - Schedule a Move Day

Once you select us for your move, you schedule a moving day.  It may seem that scheduling a specific moving day should be an obvious step, making a firm commitment to a specific day is unique to Movers4Less. Most of our competitors will not make a firm commitment to a moving day and start time because they do not have full control of their schedules having to rely on trucks and manpower to come in from out of town and/or complete other moves prior to yours.

We can and will move you as scheduled because as a local company we put the customer first and because we have full control over our entire schedule of trucks, equipment, and movers.

Step 3 - Move Day

We will arrive at your home to start the move as scheduled. The first thing that will happen is the move Crew Chief will do a pre-move walk through to develop a specific plan of action for the on-site crew, determining what items need to be handled in what fashion and in what order. At that point everything is blanket wrapped, loaded and secured into the moving van.

We then drive to your new location. During the transportation all of our trucks have GPS in order to assure proper routing and that there is no delay or possibility of making a wrong turn along the way.

Once at your new location, we prep your home by placing Masonite down in the doorways and walkways for flooring protection and then unload as to your specification. We can put boxes, furniture, and belongings into specific rooms or do as some customers ask and put everything into a garage so that they can unpack on their own time schedule.

We are very flexible. You can have us do as much or as little as you want. There is no “one best way”, you are the customer and we will do it however you want it done.

Step 4 - A Successful Move!

At the end of the job the Crew Chief will mark the time and then review the move and check for damaged items with you. At that time he will discuss the time and materials used and you will be given the final invoice. At this time you can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Cash. This completes the process.

Simple and straightforward, we try to make every aspect of your move as stress free and easy as possible. Give us a call and schedule your free no obligation quote.