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How can I check if a moving company is reputable or honest?

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The Better Business Bureau has proven itself across the nation and over time as the best way to check on a business reputation and that businesses treatment and respect for customers.

When a business is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) they are imposing on themselves an accountability system and path of problem resolution for every customer.

If there is ever a problem a customer can contact the BBB and seek their help in obtaining a resolution. If one is not reached, the BBB will lower that businesses' rating.

At Movers4Less we have chosen to be subject to the BBB as a promise and assurance to our customers that we are honest, have an independent body that verifies our reputation, and gives all prospective customers knowledge that they have leverage in addressing any problem that may arise.

There is no better safeguard for a customer than knowing they have recourse and at the same time are working with a business that cares about their satisfaction.

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