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We offer professional monthly storage services to the public. You do not have to be a moving customer to take advantage of our less expensive and better alternative to Self Storage or Mini Storage.

Storing with us will also give you peace of mind knowing that our facility have 24/7 monitored and restricted indoor access as well as several layers of protection so that your belongings are never exposed to the exposure and risks found in self storage facilities.

Save Money

Our storage rates are lower than any local mini or self storage. There is no comparison in price, we are always cheaper. We save you money and at the same time store your items more securely, with professional oversight and accountability.

Safer. More Secure. Managed Oversight.

Our facility is on total lock down at all times. No one can enter, wander around, or “accidentally” access your vault, something that occurs when a thief rents one unit in a self storage facility and then simply cuts the lock on a unit not his own. All too easy in traditional outdoor mini-storage facilities.

Our entire facility uses a warehouse system of access and therefore no one is allowed near any storage vault other than their own. This same system is also why your belongings are always more protected against the weather or other outside elements than if they were placed elsewhere.

We take pride in ensuring your vault is always clean, dry, and protected.

Self Storage Is Not Safe

self storage damaged boxes

Traditional self storage puts your belongings at risk with minimal protection against outside elements and bugs. Go to any traditional storage facility and look around. They will show you a unit that has just been cleaned, but looking at how each unit is built it is easy to see how bugs, dust, dirt, and exposure to weather changes is unavoidable.

Rain, dew, and condensation can all affect stored items easily through the commonly exposed walls and doors common with mini-storage facilities. The walls and roof of a typical facility is no more secure than a low cost outdoor shed in a backyard. Something acceptable maybe for lawn equipment, but hardly the place you want to put your furniture, appliances, clothing, collectibles, or other possessions. When would anyone consider placing a sofa or antique out in a backyard shed? Yet that is what they are doing when using self storage. When compared to our storage alternative, self storage costs more, for less.

The final problem with self storage is that you do not have anyone controlling what is placed in the units next to yours. If your neighbor places items that either contain insects or attract them, the self storage facility cannot protect your unit. It is not something that many people consider before storing items, but do you really want your unit next to one full of bugs? This may sound alarmist, yet go see any unit that has been around for months or years. They are dirty, the same temperature as the outside climate, and commonly found with spiders. If that unit was unfortunate enough to have a bad unit near it, you will likely find much more than spiders that have made a new home in your unit.

We are 100% Secure From Water, Elements, Dust, & Insects

With Movers4Less your items are first backed within a secure transportable vault. Within each vault your items are properly packed with blankets and shrink wrap. The vaults are then placed within a warehouse that itself is secure from the elements and professionally managed to the highest of standards.

With this triple protection your items will be preserved. Even if you pick them up seven years later, they will be in as good a condition as when you first placed them in storage.

We never allow any vaults filled with anything that can harm the overall protection and integrity of our facility. This way you can have confidence knowing that your vault will always be safe and not in a bad neighborhood.


Access to your vault is simple with 48 hours notice. At out facility your storage vault is stored within a larger warehouse building. This system gives added safety and security to your stored items, but it also requires us to have 48 hours advanced notice to make you vault accessible.

This restricted access is necessary to ensure the safety and security of your belongings and though it does not allow for last minute access, you are gaining the advantage of having everything stored more safely and securely and for less money than the alternative. All of this with the added advantage of professional handling, packing, and protection ensuring that your items will always be perfectly preserved.

Free Insurance

All items placed within our storage facility are insured up to $0.60 per pound, per item a rate which we are able to offer free of charge because we know that within our professionally managed facility, there will never be need for a claim.


The typical monthly rate for a 7x7.5x5 secure vault that hold 1 to 1.5 thousand pounds is $60 per month.


There are payment options with the most common being an automatic monthly debit against a credit or debit card.

Give us a call and give us the opportunity to show you how our sterling reputation as a moving company extends into how we manage, protect and operate our storage facility. When you look at the options you will find Movers4Less Storage the professional and less expensive alternative to self storage.

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