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Should I hire the lowest price mover?

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Sometimes this is not the best move, no pun intended.

Hiring the lowest price mover is difficult because you never know the overall cost with many dishonest movers until the final bill is presented. The question should be, should you hire the mover with the lowest quote.

Given the large presence of dishonest bait and switch movers in every market, in most cases the answer is, no. Hiring the mover with the middle range quote is likely to lead to the lowest final bill and your having chosen the lowest final price mover.

Movers4Less is rarely the lowest quote, but we are oftentimes the lowest priced true quote. We have been in business for decades and plan to be here for decades to come. What this means to you is that we have a vested interest in accurate quotes and overall customer satisfaction. We earn our reputation and repeat business with each move.

Compare our quotes, read the fine print of all quotes, and then check our Better Business Bureau rating and customer testimonials. We have confidence after all of this you will choose us as your most likely bet in getting the lowest price move.

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