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Why should I hire a mover instead of renting a U-Haul and doing it myself?

A professionally trained mover for hire

The answer to this involves two questions, how much is your time worth and is it physically healthy for you to move yourself.

The value of your time extends beyond the time for the actual move into the recovery time as you need to rest after the physical exertion of moving. This recovery time also impacts the time it takes to settle in and un-pack, with it taking much more time to re-settle in your new residence if you have made the move yourself. All of this impacts your performance at work and your day-to-day productivity and happiness. With a professional mover, you have a minimal impact on your life.

Physical considerations need to be a part of any moving decision. The typical small home of 1200 square feet has over 7 tons of items that first need to be moved into the truck and then back out again. That's 14 tons of moving in 1-2 days.

All too often we want to think we can do anything ourselves and do not want to need help. The reality is that moving is stressful enough without adding the physical toll it takes. Always consider the overall impact of a move, not just the bottom line dollar cost on the move day alone.

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