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We offer Commercial Moving Service in Contra Costa & Alameda County Cities

packing office equipment during a commercial moveMovers4Less has the reputation, experience, and capacity for your Commercial move. We have the experience, equipment, trucks, and manpower available and we welcome you to contact us so we can show you how local control and experience can make your move a hassle free success.

Our team has been carefully built over the years to include leaders with a minimum of 20 years in the moving industry. This experience along with our reputation for professional service is available to you when you contact us.

Confident Performance – Guaranteed Timeline

Knowing the importance of resuming operation in your new location on a specific time schedule we provide a firm commitment as to start and delivery times, something that few competitors can do with confidence. We can do this because we are a local company with complete control over scheduling and capacity availability. Your move will not be dependent upon other factors like trucks and manpower coming in from far away locations where delays cannot be avoided.

Whether you are moving your office, businesses, retail store, or any other type of commercial operation we can handle your needs quickly and efficiently so that you have a minimal interruption in productivity and can resume operations at your new location without delay.

Preparation and Packing

Some commercial businesses have the staff available to handle their own packing and preparation and others find it too expensive and burdensome on day-to-day operations to divert their staff from their business. Knowing this, we are flexible in providing any level of service you require.

If you want us to pack your entire operation, we can do it. If you want to prepare and pack yourself, we can accommodate you. It is your move, we are here to provide you with any level of service, leaving as much or as little to you and your staffs as you decide.


Every commercial move is unique and we invite you to contact us and discover how we can work together to make your project quick and easy at the lowest possible cost. When you work with one of our Estimator's you will be given a reliable quote that you can count on. We know the importance of a budget and have a strict policy of no surprise pricing. This way you will know the exact cost of your move before making any commitment.

The moving industry is full of fly-by-night companies that thrive on adding extra costs and fees at the beginning and ending of each job. A time when you are tied into needing their services that day. This is a practice that we deplore and we make the promise to you that we will stand behind our original quote and never surprise you with hidden fees.

Commercial moving can be a stressful time. Contact us and we will show you the many ways that we can relieve that stress as you place your confidence in our experience, reputation, and professionalism.


The process begins when you contact us and meet with one of our Estimators who will have over 20 years moving experience. At that time you can discuss all of your specific needs, time constraints, and challenges. The Estimator will add to this discussion by examining each aspect of the move and leveraging his accumulated experience to identify the necessary time, manpower, and equipment needed and give you a firm quote.

Once you have selected us for your move then a precise schedule will be calendared and put into action. From that point forward you can rest assured that you have chosen professionals that will deliver a successful stress free experience and that your project is in good hands.

Special Accommodations and Off Hour Moves

We understand that many businesses require special accommodations. Whether it is coordination with building property management to avoid interruptions of other building tenants or special circumstances that need to be arranged to minimize the interruption to your business. We can work with you and handle any special needs.

Special accommodations for building access, off hour moving to avoid business interruptions, or any other special situation you require we will work with you to make it happen. Do not hesitate to let us know how you need the move to operate. We are here for you and as our customer we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.


We manage and operate our own storage facility. If you require long or short term monthly storage, we can meet your needs. Our facility is fully protected, secure, and professionally managed so any items stored are safe and will be in the same condition when you retrieve them as the day we took them in.

This is a service that we offer to all of our moving clients as well as the general public. If you have any storage needs, let us know and we can help.

Contact us today and discover how we can relieve some of the burden of your relocation, leaving you free to handle the countless other tasks associated with running your business while we handle the organizing and physical move.

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