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When getting moving quotes, how will I know if the prices are going to be what they quoted after the move is completed?

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Reputation, experience, and integrity of the mover are the best way to ensure a quoted price will be the final price. When it comes to local moves, they are priced by the hour. When a local mover comes to make an estimate, they make a precise list of every item that is to be moved. If you specify items that you will move yourself, they will be excluded from the list. On moving day, the movers will only move the items on the list.

For any mover, the quote is only as good as their list of items to be moved. It is important to be honest with the mover and yourself in identifying what you want moved. This is the first step in getting an accurate quote.

The second step is in avoiding the bait and switch moving companies. These companies will quote prices that are literally too good to be true. There is no way a company can move you for less than the expenses they will incur in the move. These companies offer great quotes, not great prices. Any reputable mover must pay employee salaries, workman's compensation, and payroll taxes on every job. If they are willing to cut corners on these costs of doing business, they will also likely cut corners on your move and put your belongings at risk.

Read the contract and the fine print with any mover you choose. An example of a charge that could be in the fine print of a bait and switch moving company is charging per shrink wrapped item. Some companies will charge $35 per shrink wrapped item and then proceed to shrink wrap practically all items in the home, creating a final bill 4-6 times more than the original quote.

Some things to consider when getting a quote are the variables that impact pricing greatly. For example, stairs. When the job is quoted by the hour and stairs are involved, the time for the move can increase by 30% or more. Always make certain you identify any stairs involved in accessing either location within the move. Along the same line as site access, if a location is not accessible by the large moving truck and requires a smaller truck to act as a shuttle to the home, then that will have a large impact on overall price. A third variable to watch for is the moving of small, difficult to pack items. An example of this would be plants. A lot of plants can add hours to a move and take up a lot of truck space because plants are difficult to stack and pack.

Factors such as these need to be included in any quote and you should always read the fine print of any contract to see where you may encounter charges over and above your expectations given your original quote.

In the end, your strongest protection against the dishonest bait and switch mover is to choose Movers4Less. We have a reputation to uphold, a strong better Business Bureau reputation, and decades of experience and accountability to local customers.

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